KIRKOV is from Sept-Îles, a northern land crossed by the 5th Parallel. Over the course of her schooling in the lower St. Lawrence region, she dives into interior and display design, plastic arts and traditional animated drawing.

Since several years now, she is involved in a Chinese calligraphy group headed by the creative sculptor Truong Chang Trung.

She is also an active member of Engramme, an artist-run center, where she has attended several trainings, collaborated in many visual arts exhibitions, and done a printing artistic residency in 2019. She is a founding member of Collectif 8, a Quebec City group of visual artists. Her creations have been displayed in many collaborative projects in France, California, New York and across the province of Quebec.

KIRKOV lives and works in Quebec City, always close to the river, her primary source of inspiration. Her work can be found in several shops and museums throughout the province of Quebec. In addition, for several years his pieces have been available on Rue du Trésor in Old Quebec during the summer season.


Artistic approach

KIRKOV values a multidisciplinary practice which combine drawing, ink, embroidery and printing.

The strength of her pen stroke reflects the energy running through her veins. It also testifies her desire to share her respect for nature. Her total body of work bears the willingness to leave a « trace », to create a link or a dialogue with others, and to draw a line.

Her artistic approach captures the importance she attaches to the characteristics of the land, the identity of the milieu, the establishment of a dialogue between arts and material, and the individual in his environment. Influenced by nordicity, river and stars, her work is marked by their languages. Mystical and alchemic strands emerge from her work, by its symbolic geometry and colors.

Her work displays a minimalistic interpretation of the landscape and animals suggested by the schematization of airy forms, which vacillate between lyrical abstraction and representational art. 

«  Seeing into the filter of another is like looking at the sun reflection on the river. »

Tarot approach

KIRKOV, is a practitioner specializing in tarot card reading. Since her teenage years, her passion for the divinatory arts has been rooted in a family heritage, where intuition and hypersensitivity have evolved into strengths, contributing to her current expertise.

After several years of practice, she refines her skills through various training in tarot, astrology, NLP, and is currently pursuing her studies in Human Design.

Guided by a deep desire to accompany and help, through her guidance sessions, she aspires to make the present moment more enlightening in order to bring greater self-knowledge and cultivate one’s own feelings, in an approach infused with kindness and authenticity.