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KIRKOV, is a practitioner specializing in tarot card reading. Since his adolescence, his passion for the divinatory arts has taken root in a family heritage, where intuition and hypersensitivity evolved into strengths, contributing to his current expertise.

After a few years of practice, she perfected her experience through various training in tarology, astrology, NLP, and she is currently continuing her course in Human Design.

Guided by a deep desire to accompany and help, through her guidance, she aspires to make the present moment more enlightening in order to provide better self-knowledge and cultivate one’s own feelings, in an approach imbued with kindness. and authenticity.

I offer prints online, in person and for events. I work with the tarot of Marseille and it is my pleasure to offer my services to listen to you, share and discover what the tarot brings you at this moment for your needs.